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Blue Heron se implica en la mejor conservación y protección de los jardines de El Retiro (Madrid)...

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Blue Heron Blue Heron is a company born with the ambitious goal to lead the present and future of natural and biological products with low environmental impact. Serving plant production and phytosanitary protection on crops, forestry and gardens.


Our products, based on scientific and technological principles, offer an innovative agronomic solutions, modern, sustainable and useful under a productive viewpoint, integrated plant protection, or maintenance and beauty of the vegetal world.


Blue Heron has the excellence on the quality of processes and products as a major goal. For it, we have dedicated a 2,500 m2 industrial plant, divided in whorehouses, laboratory, administrative offices and other facilities, which fulfiled the necessary equipment for the production of even 2 million liters capacity a year.



Finally, we hope from you that, as a professional user, you will find the utility, benefits and advantages of our products exactly as you were hoping for them and for the purpose they are design. You can also feel fully satisfied by contributing for a cleaner environment and healthier and productive harvest. .




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